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Important Judgment Of the Supreme Court, FIR has been uploaded on the website within 24 hours

Police reforms in the country have been demanding for a long time. The Supreme Court had on Wednesday given an important command. Court order in says , FIR filed in police stations across the country, (Within 24 hours FIR) of the state police are uploaded on the government website.

Court says too much if any technical problem reason to not a upload the fir then to 48 hrs in quickly fast Upload the FIR. Court case like that pokso sexual exploitation, terrorism and insurgency with sexual abuse, children with the women in this case. The court said that such cases do not need to upload the FIR.

Sikkim, Mizoram states such as different geographical conditions, Meghalaya and Kashmir, there is time to upload the Court has determined in 72 hours. The court said that the crime should be responsive and upload multiple DSP FIR will determine the DM.

With this, the court said that the FIR in accordance with CRPC who are each sent to the area of judicial magistrates. Within each state must follow the orders of 15 November and 8 weeks.

Court orders will be sent to each of the Home Secretary and the DGP. The Supreme Court has been told that, FIR cannot be uploaded in advance on the basis of the accused on bail.

Thus the Supreme Court strictly in order to upload them on the website within 24 hours under normal circumstances FIR registered and to implement within 8 weeks has also revealed its net words.

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