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On Independence Day celebration has been given the gift of martyrdom commander Pramod Kumar

New Delhi: Monday in on the one hand country were celebrated the 70th fighter independence day and when Jammu- Kashmir in CRPF on attack to terrorist. This attack in commander pramod Kumar is Martyr and other 6 army are Wounded.

However Srinagar in Nahunta district on terrorism attack in 6 army to other 1 police to have been reported injured. This attack in .njknbubh two terrorist are kill the Indian army.

According to sources, this terrorist was hidden in a house. Are both from recently stopped by the fire. And another side Uri sector in Indian army to two young army are kill the two terrorist. This attack in Casualties one soldier man name of pramod Kumar. He is commander of CRPF.

That should tell you, independence Manipur in imphal west in two medium intercity blast. Which did not report any casualties? Second side while on the Assam in tinsukia district in 4 low intercity blasts. In addition one blast was shivsagar area which tills now this blast to no any Fatality.

Which Srinagar stadium in Jammu- Kashmir chief minister own speech from was held at the center mark. “She said” Nehru took polite Jammu Kashmir situation For the position The central government is responsible in addition terrorist burhan issue she said We are also the first encounter. I not understand in this issue in what our mistake.

However Kashmir in past 38 day Violence is underway and It’s mostly district in Curfew is still unchanged.

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    India will celebrate its 71st Independence Day on August 15, 2017.
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