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10 Facts reason when Trade Unions Strike

The country major central labor organization nationwide are on strike today. The strike is much greater than last year. The strike against the government's economic policies have been in the center and labor reform When the strike of public sector banks, private banks, foreign banks, regional banks and cooperative bank employees are also included .  When approximately 18 million workers were involved in the strike.

The workers say that, Modi government has not listened to him 12 government slogans and one-sided way sramasudhara apply. The organizations claimed that the strike was the year of around 18 millionworkers. However, 2 years old, stunted and 30 August, the central government has announced a bonus to convince the trade unions had to approve the recommendation of the Advisory Board. But yrade union was not offended celebrates there 12 – point demand and central government announced the give the bonus but trade union was Refused to cancel Trade unions can be influenced by the work of nationalized banks and government offices in the center wildcat strike.

According to sources banking, telecom and employees of some other areas that were involved in the strike the government has taken this step against employees with the best wages in the new labor and investment policies. Banks have been kept closed government offices and factories. Some states have also partnered with local organizations strike. This has affected the public transport system. Rediyolojista with nurses and government hospitals have also been derived strike.
You could say that, in the seventh pay commission has 18,000 minimum wages for government employees. Employee organizations say that this should be 26000. And labor unions called a recurrent basis, is the seventh of the monthly minimum wage to be 18,000 non-skill labors.

When he sought last year to sanghoe labor union strike that, in 6330, the minimum wage should be increased to 15,000 per month. The organizations claim that their 15 million members. But it does not have a minimum wage of 15,000. Labor last year but increased by only Rs 7098 to 15,000 today. The unions are demanding labor of 18,000 instead of 15,000.

Under the trade unions' efforts to end the strike, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said the government would continue its employee’s bonuses over the past two years. The unskilled workers have been asked to speak minimal additional salary.

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