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Kashmir : Kupwara attack on a military convoy wounding three soldiers

Kashmir :    Jammu and Kashmir in planning to attack the army convoy attacked Kupwara.  3 soldiers wounded in the attack so far. Planning to attack the Baramulla-Kupwara has langatama located on the road from Kashmir in the attack.

It is located approximately 66 kms from Srinagar langeta. When the attack began, when the army convoy was going KupwaraKolagunda planning to attack the village has a sudden attack on the convoy. Since there were hidden to attack on the convoy and was immediately went to the fire escape. Suraksabaloe took siege of the area and launched a major search operation to find the attackers.

Jammu and Kashmir Kashmir Valley is still found in today's curfew and dams have been completed in 60 days to two months. However, chasavare has been found to be closed today due to santina found in the Kashmir valley. There is all-party delegation to improve the situation in the Kashmir Valley has already visit.

Kashmir Curfew 2 Months:

The August 19 attack was also planning to attack the Kupwara district, which wounded four people, including indian army personnel. BSF camp was made to target the terrorists. 25 June pamporma was planning to attack the attack on the CRPF bus, Many of them were killed and 22 wounded 8 soldiers. It has been making persistent army and paramilitary forces convoy and targeted terrorist camps.

All-party delegation to Kashmir issue will be meeting today. The meeting will be chaired by Rajnath Singh. Solid all-party delegation meeting, members will evaluate the situation and discuss the next strategy. However, yesterday, the Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh met with Prime Minister Narendra Modi today. Home Minister in the Prime Minister's all-party meeting pratinidhi mandal today Jammu - Kashmir by taking a tour of the information. The all-party delegation led by Rajnath Singh himself had done.

rajnath meets the jammu- kashmir chief minister

Two months have killed at least 74 people during sustained unrest in the Kashmir Valley, and about 1200 people were injured. The first was in 2010, the violence in Kashmir. 120 people were killed when police and paramilitary forces tablets.

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