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India's membership in the NSG to give unconditional support to Japan

The NSG of Japan has already made it clear about China's membership in the NSG they give unconditional support to India. This will promote the increase of nuclear non-proliferation in the presence of India’s membership and the NSG. After tightening trend in China is the first time authorized Japan siyolo comment.

Top Japanese Foreign Ministry officials said that we're constantly working with India to make possible membership in the NSG. Japanese Foreign Ministry spokesman said yasukira kavamorae we will emphasize this point because we feel that we want to work with India's membership of the Nuclear Non-proliferation system.  He says to Japan will constantly communicate the issue with other NSG member countries and to be Kavamorae said that China is aware of all of the country's membership in prevention practice. Japan has not wanted to make any comment on the conversation within the NSG on the issue. But the issue we have to ensure that by formal vote and we're working on it.

Masayuki tagae a top official and Senior Regional Coordinator Division Southwest Asia, the Japanese Foreign Ministry said that Japan will help promote the country's membership in the Nuclear Non-Proliferation. Japan's contender despite the support of the NPT stands by its commitment. However, there will be a setback in Tokyo NSG issue of the signing of the NPT treaty's entry.

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