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Salangapura reached last respects to Prime Minister Swami Bapa

15 august, Indian prime minister reached the Salangapura in Gujarat He swami lords for reached. There was a deep feeling of sorrow in swami body. Today Modi direct Delhi via reach the Ahmedabad airport And goes the Salangapura. However Gujarat governor o.p kohli welcome to Prime Minister Modi.

However Narendra Modi comes to Salangapura because Arrangements made the tight security force. They in common place in made the cordon Arrangements. Bhochasna village in swaminarayan charity leader Brahmalina. He died body put in the sarangpur where Gujarat chief minister vijay Rupani lords the swami. He is flower give and does some arti.

Prime minister coming the sarangpur because they place currently vacant. Only some Brahman and sadhu present to this place and chief minister and his minister or swami family present to this place. Police force are empty made the place and only some man present the this shok-shgabha made the place.

The organization BAPS president dies the Saturday. Saturday evening 6 clocks they are died time. This news reasons affect the swami bhakt And Salangapura in organization support the all members

The Prime Minister came to the philosophy of Swami Bapa

That would tell me. So far has been the face of several political leaders, including Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Swami Rupani. AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal wills also Salangapura 16th.    

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