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Two years After Meeting Modi in Gujarat, At the Height of Political Curiosity

Prime Minister became the first meeting took place in Gujarat Narendra Modi today after two years. Prime Minister inaugurates today the wind project whereby saurastrana 10 bharase dam Narmada water will benefit farmers. The previous Prime Minister had spent a long period of Gujarat Chief Minister. The Prime Minister will also address a rally in Saurashtra.

Which led to increased political curiosities? Gujarat Assembly elections are scheduled for next year as well as a damaged movement Patidaar reserve running for over a year after the party's image and atrocities against Dalits. Which will be important in this House? Head through the crowd believed that Modi will usher in the coming Assembly elections in Gujarat. The meeting's drill was conducted to present more than 80,000 people.

Opposition Congress on the issue for the entire industry as a lollipop scheme to more farmers Sonny yogna is to not Koridy drama and corruption, but the BJP is misleading voters.

 Gujarat Narmada river to loaded when the demo debts, rivers linkages to ads when is the election of Narendra Modi. But the completion of the electoral promises remains only promises. Despite the election of 2017, aimed at Modi for Gujarat BJP lost janaadhara Gujarat Saurashtra Narmada project by everyone once again today at Rajkot District 115 demo will be filled They have to play in Gohil said Gujarat Congress spokesperson.

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