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Together Lokshabha Election And Assembly Election in his Favor : President Pranab Mukherjee

President Pranab mukherjee Said in response to a student's question at an event commemorating the teacher day. Issue to get together in the Lok Sabah and Assembly elections showed President Pranab Mukherjee agreed. Each of the parties should come together on this issue. The former Prime Minister was talking to all the elections together. They one TV interview and say both should be loka sabha and assembly election.

It should come with each of the political parties. It should be a comprehensive debate on. PM Modi had kept most of these views during a meeting with BJP leaders in March. He said that, due to the election code of conduct, which is often accompanied with development work due to hanging. So Panchayat, Assembly and Parliamentary elections should be together, which can save time and money.

The President said about this that stops development works because of constant elections. No one stops functioning due to the country's general elections in the state government. Due to a code of practice is applied, it will assume both the ruling and the opposition.

This will have to get political parties to solve the problem. So consider this issue together with the people and political parties It should be a debate on what kind of code of conduct.  It should also include the ElectionCommission. Parliamentary democracy is the uncertainty. Four times in India, the Prime Minister has been very demanding to dissolve the Parliament and accepted it. This problem will have to get together to dispose of all manner.

The Commission has already agreed to get together on the assembly and Lok Sabah elections. The Election Commission said that, it is able to provide both elections together. Political parties, however, believe that this proposal is not practical. If states are elected at different times and how they can be together? Scheduled to go with what the government? The elections have already been announced a month in the code of conduct.

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