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Every Year 50,000 People in Britain Die Due To Air Pollution

According to research from Britain in Bristol in the UK, 50,000 people die due to air pollution every year. According to news agency mostly jhuhaa air pollution from cars, buses and trucks Main. The transport equipment is spread 95 percent of air pollution in the UK Ceteretona stated in the Bristol University research parkasuta grams of England and Britain's inadequate transport facilities. And transportation due to the environmental damage has been widely overlooked.

The university after implementation of the 1995 environmental policy and its implementation are studied. The law was decided to maintain the Air Quality Britain on an international basis. Reason for this studied between look in two years are many changes in this situation. The major findings of this study showed a general improvement in road transport air pollutants over the past 21 years. So the matter was not taken any effective measures to prevent pollution from road transport in Britain are proven or vertically. as well as increased pollution vyayasthapanani failure of Britain's transport service.

There are many in the area, which residents use public transport and although Britain must face them more air pollution. So as not to reduce the air pollution is increasing in Britain will rise to respiratory diseases caused by the pollution coming days and every year the number of air pollution deaths has also increased, according to the research.

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