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London: Baloch leaders on China embassy slogan, "Kadam badhao Modi Ji "

Balochistan issue is going vanadato Bloch and the Singh leader on the international level are derived on the road against Pakistan and China Simultaneously they have started a slogan in support of the government's preoccupation. According to the number of Bloch and Sindh leaders in Londonhave performed strongly outside the Chinese embassy.

Supporters of Prime Minister for Balochistan Balochistan China's embassy and shouted slogans like Modi ji badhao step we are with you. Simultaneously guardian mengale Baloch leader said that Pakistan and China have this policy that can Rob of everything to take over Baloch leader arrived in Pakistan to showcase China's economic sipiisine. This is a warning about Chinese think thank Balochistan India.

Ago the pok and Balochistan in it is also the first to perform strongly .there people saying to this The galiyarena reason why they will not face any goodness in this area Performing more than 500 leaders of the Pakistan Army had captured illegal ways hathoda Then their anger was vare.

World sindhi congress chairman lakhu liana says the We do not accept at any cost sipiso, there with they says  we are Want to let Pakistan and China show that the Baloch people using it cannot work in this area. We are clear the way in India Prime Minister Narendra Modi and they and they are showing the need the help.

Ago Prime Minister Narendra Modi raised the Balochistan issue on red fort. And they say Pakistan authorized Kashmir main issue. And then before home minister rajnath Singh says the Kashmir is not issue but issue to pak authorized Kashmir.

Sindh area between Pakistan has also demanded independence. For that People started protest against the Sindh area of Pakistan with this area people also demand to freedom to Pakistan Remarkable that People here have been angry protests from China and Pakistan economic galiyorana and Have been raised against the plan with India Last Thursday, some smaller cities in Sindh and performance-populated Sindh, had been opposed to other countries, Let me inform you that Pakistan is China on land provided on a large scale. This has been called CPEC on the way.

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