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Rahul Gandhi targeted ensure the Prime Minister's record sutana

New Delhi: congress vise president Rahul Gandhi is held to mark the prime minister to the Guinness book of world record of their suite Modi. he says” The Prime Minister's Award for his tremendous sacrifice.”

Congress vise president rahul Gandhi tweet “Modi sacrifice for small award. Rahul Gandhi Tag report is also equipped with a suite of Rahul Gandhi, who has hailed the Guinness Book of World Records for the most expensive suite divided auction.
One year ago Modi meet to president in America Barak obama this time he wear the suit. It was his contention. This suite is the most expensive suite vend in the world name in genesis world book.

Notably, this suit upper most little word to write the Narendra damodardas Modi. His sutane given the Guinness book. And this auction in divided most expensive suite in world. Pm Modi this suite wears the time of meet the Barak obama. Then this suite auction in New Delhi and during time bought the Gujarat in Surat resendiest laljibhai Patel. He is this suite bought the 4 core 31 lakhs 31 thousand 311 rupees The bid was planned for 20 February 2015. This suite peculiarity is in the write the full name damodardas Narendra Modi.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi this suite bought for call to 47 people. Later diamond business man laljibhai to success. Ramesh said bijhan sameena viranie living abroad; he made him the gift of his son's wedding suit. Sutane of the prime minister faced a lot of criticism. Opposition was calling him to wear. The suit, suit-boot state. 

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