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PM Modi Dedicated The Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project

NEW DELHI :  Today are Indian prime minister and Russian precedent give the India to Kundankulum nuclear video conference by tamilnaidu chief minister add this conference. This plant to Agreement was 28 years ago.

This is first nuclear plant of India. They plant make help the Russia
Southern grid with this project unit current work to 31th December 2014. Its capacity to generate the electricity in 1000 MW.

The project soon second unit plant coming to nuclear power cooptation of India limited.

An Npcil tamilnaidu district tirunelvheli in two Russian 1000 megawatt plant reactors has been installed.

First unit and second unit were up Initial estimated to be 13, 171 core. But last moment late this project because this reason estimated are 17,270 cores.

This rector is made the NpcilCompany and Russian company atomstroyexport.
Indian government for the construction of the plant with Russia in 1988. At the time was Indian prime minster Rajiv Gandhi and Russian precedent head Mikhail growacheb. But Russian politics and finical Rigging reason to Its construction began in 1997.

First two unit works stop then September 2011 because The plant was opposed by the surrounding villagers. Then for March 2012 are move a work. And at time produce the electricity.

13 July 2013 to first electricity generate this plant. And its capacity of 300 MW to 500 MW, which has been gradually increasing.

Both units of the total project will generate 2000 MW of electricity. This in tamilnaidu to 925 megawatt, Karnataka 442 megawatt, Kerala 266 megawatt, pandacheri 97 megawatt divided between this states.  And the remaining 300 megawatt has not been yet dirsubeted.currently this quota in 150mw electricity give the 100 MW electricity in tamilnadiu and 50 MW electricity in Andhrapradesh.

Election news:

           Jitu vaghani appointed as Gujarat Bjppresident.

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