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Need to change the law for the development of the country: PM Modi

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi to meet the challenges of change in the country, and said that the idea about a rapid change in appearance is so small - do not work in smallachievements. He said that the country change its law, to complete the necessary formalities and procedures need to be sharp.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Delhi in organized by the Policy Commission they saying the first lecture on India to change the subject if India facing the work is not proceeding slowly. The need to rejuvenate. Therefore India is my idea, not small, but progress here firstly change.

Politic in changing up Modi force and they says: they work are not produced to 19th century and politic is not change when not every people change own mind and think are very important.

He said that we have to change the law, it is necessary to finish the formalities, to intensify the processes and technology adoption. We cannot move forward in the 21st century with 19th century administrative system. The Prime Minister said that the change should be both external and internal reasons. He said, he said that, in his experience, every country has the resources and strength. 

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