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Best Session To Monsoon The Passed To 14 Bills

NEW DELHI: Parliament Monsoon Session In passed the 14 bill. Friday to finished session this session in lokshabha in 15 bills and rajashabha in 14 bills approved. Parliament minister anant Kumar says: this session is very interesting session. Monsoon session was very success because he was very happy in this session they lived mostly quiet.  About the GST bill he said: The Historic Tax Amendment we are It will go ahead. We will be start to work. He says: this session is best session in this year and lokshabha in 110.84% and rajashabha in 99.84% work in the parliament .this session was start to 18th July and 26 days in 20 meeting. Lokshabha process 121 hours work and rajyashabha process 112 hours in this parliament.

Both Rajyashabha and lokshabha passed the 14 bills. The Regional for Biotechnology Bill 2016, kampasetari  aphorestesana Fund Bill 2016, the Indian Medical Council Bill 2016, dentists (Amendment) Bill 2016, the Indian Trusts Bill 2016, National Institute of Technology Science Education and Research Bill, 2016, Institute of Technology Bill 2016, Child Labor Amendment Bill of 2016, amendments to the Lokpal and Lokayukta Bill 2016, Anonymous transactions Amendment Bill 2016, the 122 th Amendment Bill 2016, emphorsamenta of Security interest and Recovery of Debt Lodge and misaleniasa provisions Bill 2016. So it will be considered under Article 109 positioned nearby.

Rajyashabha chairman hamid ansari says: GST Bill success because this session is best session. Lokshabha in 400 in to 99 questions ask the answer. When the rest of the starred questions anastarda 4600 and has kept Parliament. 300 starred questions were raised in the Rajya Sabah. Anant Kumar says: parliament in any weekly will be a discussion both parliament discussion are Kashmir issue and Inflation. During the monsoon season, the common man has been shot against a case of Parliament, MPs believe bhagwnat. The 9-member inquiry committee has been created to investigate the matter.  

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